As a Depth Psychotherapist, I will focus on developing the relationship between what you are conscious of, and what is still outside of your awareness. Awareness is the gateway to liberation. It allows for more choice in our response rather than reacting out of old programming.

Soma is Latin for body. The body, if listened to, can be a map to access our emotional awareness. I incorporate somatic approaches in our work together to help deepen your relationship to yourself through the body. A simple example of somatic work can be learning to notice our breath, by returning to the breath, we are coming into immediate contact with the self and the soul through the body.  

Transformation of the personal and collective unconscious becomes conscious through accessing the deeper layers of the psyche. Within this realm of the psyche there is the shadow side; our repressed experiences. I encourage Shadow Work through working with archetypal images. I incorporate integrating your personal symbolism through Dream Work and Sandtray.

In session we will Reenact past memories and interpersonal dynamics in a safe therapeutic container, allowing you to Identify Emotional and Somatic Associations that you may still hold on to and continue to act out in your daily life. In the session, you will be able to Release and Explore whatever it is that is affecting your life out of unconscious reactions originating from the past that linger and block you from your true meaning and values of life.